JIADE Water well drilling rigs and equipment

Jiade Drill water well drilling rigs and equipment are manufactured in Shandong, China, the factory was established in 2006. All the drilling rigs are built with the best materials and components from the vendors which are well known in China, it ensures our water well drilling rigs a long working life as well as being easy to transport, set up, operate and maintain.

Jiade drilling rigs are able to drill from the surface to 700 meters deep down for water well, geothermal well and also pile hole for Photovoltaic power station etc., various of rig chassis can generally support drilling tasks in any environment. And the stable drill system makes it powerful to drill through any geological formations straightly and rapidly.

Moreover, Jiade water well drilling rigs can be customized according to specific needs of customers. In order to be recognized by more and more customers inland and overseas, we’ve never stopped updating our technology and developing new drilling rig model to make water well drilling and piling easier and faster.

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Trailer mounted water well drilling rigs

Crawler mounted water well drilling rigs

  • JDY200 water well drilling rig equipment
  • Compact drill, rough terrain drill machinery
  • Borehole diameter 115 – 300mm, drilling depth 200m
  • JDY300 hydraulic drilling rig
  • Powerful, high torque, shallow exploration
  • Well drilling diameter 115 – 350mm, depth @320m

Drill truck

Solar piling rig

  • JDC300 drilling truck
  • Optional chassis, high torque drill head
  • Borehole diameter 115 – 300mm, boring 320m
  •  JD130Y large size hole solar piling rig
  • Multipurpose, high torque, robust
  • Pile hole size 0 – 400mm, depth 30m
  •  JD385Y solar piling rig
  • Versatile, high performance, durable
  • Pile hole size 0 – 400mm, depth 30m
  • JD460Y solar pile driver
  • Versatile, powerful, high performance
  • Impact frequency 500-900 bpm

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