Deep water drilling rig, all-hydraulic drill unit, powerful drill JDY700

water drilling rig being tested

JDY700 water drilling rig being tested

large water well mud rotary drilling rig

Load up water drilling rig

water drilling rig JDY700

Rotary drilling rig in stock

air percussion rotary drilling rig JDY700

boring hole of 12 inch

deep water drilling rig

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JDY700 accomplish a water well with dth rotary drilling method

JDY700 accomplish the well

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Rated for 700m (2297 ft) @ 140mm bore (5.5 inch)

Crawler mounted drill unit

Weight: 15000 Kg (33069 lbs)

Dimension: 7302*2200*2900mm (When mast is folded down)

Working air pressure: 1.05-6.45Mpa

Air consumption: 16-96.4 m³/min

Drill stem: Φ89/108/127mm*4500mm (per piece)

Max. Gradability: 15 degree

walking speed: 2.5km/h

Rotary speed: 0-100 rpm

Drill rotation torque: 11000 Nm

Pulldown force:  12000 Kg (26455 lbs)

Pullback force: 60000 Kg (132277 lbs)

Stroke: 4500mm (14.8 ft)

slow lift: 2m/min

slow forward: 0.9m/min

quick lift: 18m/min

quick forward: 37m/min


Hoist capacity: 2500Kg (5511 lbs)

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