Drilling accessories

Major drilling accessories

Jiade doesn’t just supply water well drilling rigs and equipment but also sells drill pipes, dth hammers, dth drill bits, tri-cone bits, crossover sub adapters, mud pump etc.

Our drill accessories are made of highly wear resistant steel and being designed and produced by experienced engineers using the latest computer technology.

76mm,89mm dth drill rods

Drill pipes

drilling pipes

Drill pipes

drill pipe

Drill pipes

HJG dth hammer

HJG dth hammers

XJG dth hammer

XJG dth hammers

dth drill bits

Down-the-hole drill bits

Mud pump

Mud pump series

tri-cone drill bits

Tri-cone drill bits

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Top-rated Drilling Rig Models

  • JDY200 water well drilling rig equipment
  • Compact drill, rough terrain drill machinery
  • Borehole diameter 115 – 300mm, drilling depth 200m
  • JDY300 hydraulic drilling rig
  • Powerful, high torque, shallow exploration
  • Well drilling diameter 115 – 350mm, depth @320m
  • JDC300 drilling truck
  • Optional chassis, high torque drill head
  • Borehole diameter 115 – 300mm, boring 320m