Solar pile hole drilling rig JD130Y

Solar pile hole drilling rig

Solar pile hole drilling rig

solar piling rig

Solar piling rig

JD130Y is drilling solar pile hole

JD130Y drilling solar pile hole

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Drilling with screw pipe, rated for 30m (98.4 ft) @ 0-400mm bore (0-15.7 inch)

Track mounted

Screw pipe diameter: 130mm-400mm

Stroke: 2000mm (6.56 ft)

Skid pitch: 100 degree

Swing angle of skid: left and right total 40 degree

Rotary speed: 0-70 rpm

Weight: 4360 Kg (9612 lbs)

Dimension: 4460*1950*2600mm (When mast is folded down)

Max. Gradability: 35 degree

walking speed: 0-2.5km/h

JD130Y drilling pile hole

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